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Brown Butter Cookies

Our version of the classic drop cookies start with browning and cooling our butter before adding them to the mixing bowl. For those unfamiliar with the process and final product of browning butter, it is "butter cooked over heat until its 20 percent water weight evaporates, allowing the fat’s temperature to rise high enough to toast its milk proteins into a brown, nutty-smelling oil" 

Falkowitz, M. "What is Brown Butter?" 

Depending on the person tasting the butter, it has also been said to have a toffee like flavor. These characteristics make it a great base for a rich and tasty cookie!


Our brown butter cookies and cookie cakes require a minimum of 24 hours notice when ordering. 

There is no minimum requirement for an order.

Cookie Pricing

Regular size Brown Butter cookies can be purchased individually with no minimum per order.

These cookies can also be purchased PER FLAVOR with a dozen discount. That means the dozen is made up of only one flavor.

Mini size is also available, but can not be purchased individually. They require a minimum of 1 dozen per flavor in an order.

Chocolate Chip

Our chocolate chip cookies are studded with semi sweet chocolate, have a soft chewy center, and perfectly rippled edges.


Our snickerdoodles are not only rolled in cinnamon sugar, but the brown butter's toffee qualities truly stand out with the extra cinnamon in the dough.

Miso Peanut Butter

These cookies combine our Japanese inspiration with a classic flavor. The miso and peanut butter are both subtle, but compliment each other to make a perfectly sweet and salty cookie dough.

Salted Caramel Brownie Cookie

These cookies resemble fudgy brownies with a puddle of caramel and sea salt in the middle. You'd never even know these cookies are gluten free!

Cookie Size
Mini - 1 dozen minimum
Regular - no minimum
Regular - 1 dozen

Cookie Cakes

Cookie cakes are a fun alternative to a traditional cake.

The cookie cake is a single layer of cookie dough, baked to the size of your choice, and decorated with buttercream piping on the edges and sprinkles.

You can also choose to have a custom message on the cookie! 



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