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Decorated Sugar

Made to order sugar cookies custom decorated with Royal Icing to match any theme!


All custom cookie orders require a minimum of ONE WEEK notice due to the time it takes to decorate each individual cookie.


Please email Marissa with cookie order inquiries. Be sure to include any photos you may have found that resemble something similar to what you would like the design of your cookies to be. Any photos included with your inquiry will be used as inspiration and not exact replicas. Each cookie set is original and unique to the customer. 


There is no minimum for sugar cookie orders. 

All cookies are priced individually based on the amount of detail in the design of the cookie.  The three pricing tiers are shown below. Orders may include a mix of any number of cookies from the three tiers. 


Basic Sugar Cookies

Basic Sugar cookies have minimal detail and no more than 2 colors. Some gold or silver accents are okay. No custom writing or designs.


Detailed Sugar Cookies

Detailed Sugar Cookies have no more than 5 colors and require some detailing. This can include, but is not limited to, custom writing, gold or silver detailing, and stenciled designs.


Very Detailed/Character Sugar Cookies

Very detailed sugar cookies include up to 8 colors. These cookies include intricate hand piped details and require many layers of decorating.

DIY Cookie Kits

DIY cookie kits are an especially popular holiday item and I usually have them available at the North Park Thursday Market during holiday season. Each kit includes baked undecorated cookies, bagged frosting and sprinkles. The amount of frosting and sprinkles included is based on the number of cookies in the box. I usually include 1 color/bag of frosting and 2 oz. of sprinkles per 2 cookies.

# of cookies
2 cookies
4 cookies
6 cookies
12 cookies

Paint Your Own Cookie

Paint Your Own Cookies come with an edible paint palette, a brush, and a cookie with a black outline design of your choice. The idea is to use the clean brush, dipped in water, to paint the first cookie using the edible paint palette.

***The paint palette can be a cookie or edible paint on non-edible paper*** 

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